Quintus Percy Jackson 

Daedalus  (also known as Quintus ) is the son of Athena , the inventor of the Labyrinth , and was a genius of his time. He was also the one of the oldest known demigod, or simply the only adult one shown in the series who wasn't made immortal by the gods . Daedalus was an omnibus, able to succeed at nearly anything he turned his hand toward.

The Battle of the Labyrinth is a 2008 fantasy - adventure novel based on Greek mythology ; it is the fourth novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan . Fictional demigod Percy Jackson (who is fifteen years old by the end of the book) attempts to stop Luke Castellan and his army from invading Camp Half-Blood through Daedalus 's labyrinth by trying to convince the inventor not to give Luke Ariadne's string .

No one knows me as Daedalus, only Quintus. They think that Daedalus is dead, and I'm just a mysterious swords man. I'm curtain that Chiron and Percy are suspicious about my past, but that I must not reveal. My beloved hellhound, Mrs. O'Leary throws them off, for they know that Daedalus did not own a giant black mastiffas a pet. The only story I can ever reveal about my past is Icarus. Oh Icarus, you were all I lived for. Losing you would've killed me from guilt if it wasn't for my dear Mrs. O'Leary.