Quicksilver Costume 

Yes, our first introduction to Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters ) in action is in a commercial for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, in which the character uses his mutant quickness to gulp down Minute Maid and catch falling bacon.  The results are hilariously terrible, and a little sad.  Hit the jump to take a look. 

We provide many styles of x-men costumes , such as the Rogue costumes , Woverine costumes , phoenix costumes and many others. All the character are attractive. Beside what we offered,  Customize  is also OK in our site.

The shipping time is also different to different to different countries, usually the shipping time is shortest to US, and most shipping time we labeled on our site means the shipping time to US. Usually to other countries, the shipping time should be 1-5 days longer.