Queen Anne Houses 

Of all the Victorian house styles , Queen Anne is the most elaborate and the most eccentric. The style is often called romantic and feminine, yet it is the product of a most unromantic era -- the machine age.

There are lots of Queen Anne houses that still exist, not to mention related styles. How stupid looking would it be to put craftsman numbers on them? Let's stay true to the style!

Evoking the candy-decorated gingerbread house that Hansel and Gretel found in the woods, Victorian architecture had its basis in more practical matters. New building techniques and advances in industrialization enabled builders to design fanciful, highly adorned homes that were limited only by the imagination. The gingerbread trim we commonly associate with Victorian home plans could be mass-produced thanks to the development of the steam-powered scroll saw and lathe, making it affordable, accessible, and nearly ubiquitous through the late 19th century.