Queen Anne Chair History 

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While Queen Anne style is an undeniably prim and proper, a second look reveals it’s actually all about showing a little leg. The Queen Anne style first originated in 18th Century England under the reign of Queen Anne, but a more recent revival took place at the end of the 19th Century as the Victorian aesthetic was being ushered in. With a focus on sweet, feminine curves, Queen Anne armoires feature bonnet tops and chairs showcase those curvy cabriole legs that end in paw-like feet. Our tip? Make sure to display them in spaces with plenty of leg room.

The gracious and comfortable furniture from the Dutch influence continued and the English craftsman were developing their own skills. They had learned the foreign techniques and started to create a distinct English style. As the room sizes were now much smaller the pieces of furniture were less massive than those of previous centuries and the comfort was provided for in the chairs.