Quakerism gained a considerable following in England and Wales , and the numbers increased to a peak of 60,000 in England and Wales by 1680 [25] (1.15% of the population of England and Wales). [25] However, the dominant discourse of Protestantism viewed the Quakers as a blasphemous challenge to social and political order, [26] leading to official persecution in England and Wales under the Quaker Act 1662 and the Conventicle Act 1664 . This was relaxed after the Declaration of Indulgence (1687–1688) and stopped under the Act of Toleration 1689 .

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We believe all are born equal and our love is equal too. It is the nature and quality of the relationship of a couple that is crucial, not whether they are opposite-sex or same-sex. In Britain, marriages for all our Quaker couples can be held in Quaker meeting houses, all recognised as equally legally valid.