Quadcopter Specs 

Look for a drone that is completely designed with GoPro in mind. Ideally you want to be able to control the camera via the gimbal, and get flawless FPV without extra equipment.

I highly recommend DJI Phantom 3 Standard   which produces a smooth and crystal clear “follow me” video of your stunts at a really good price. It has an impressive flight time of around 25 minutes and it is very easy for beginners to use.

When you're flying your Mavic you're probably going to come across a few obstacles now and then - as all quadcopter pilots do. But luckily the Mavic Pro features advanced obstacle avoidance technology that will help the drone avoid anything blocking its path. This new technology is called 'SkyAutonomy' and can sense obstacles at a distance of up to 15m (49ft).  The drone will then use its various flying capabilities to slow rapidly or hover to prevent any damage.